Behavioral Health Strategic Services

At Wilson Partners we understand behavioral health to be central to the effectiveness of health management and an essential component of any wellbeing program. During these unprecedented times, we believe that your behavioral health strategy has never been more important to maintaining and improving the mental health, wellbeing and productivity of your employees. WP’s years of experience in behavioral health consulting allow us to create effective strategies that fit the unique needs of each one of our clients.

behavioral health consulting

Our behavioral health consulting services include:

  • Analysis of medical, behavioral, pharmacy and disability claims, and health assessment responses, to identify potential design improvements, increased coordination of care opportunities, and reduced claims cost.
  • Evaluation, implementation, and on-going support of domestic and global EAP services in accordance with negotiated Service Level Agreements.
  • Development of strategies centered around the identification and co-management of medical and behavioral health conditions.
  • Enhancing the user experience delivered by vendors in order to increase member engagement in care.
  • Development of preferred provider networks that produce positive outcomes for members. These networks are created by analyzing locations that are geographically relevant to your employee population.
  • Implementation of methods for decreasing out-of-network costs and utilization.
  • Identification of the advantages and disadvantages of a carve-in vs. a carve-out behavioral health plan.
  • Integration of behavioral health and EAP services in the larger employee health, wellness and wellbeing plan design, reward and management infrastructure.