IMPROVING Employee Health, Health Care & WELLBEING

Wilson Partners (WP) is a “Pure Consulting” practice dedicated to powering objective-driven leadership, analysis, innovation and management success for our client partners. With over 50 years of market experience and innovation, WP works to serve each and every client partner based on its needs, objectives and requirements. WP is dedicated to serving large employers and populations, inclusive of: Fortune 500 employers, health care systems, communities and states; improving employee/patient health and wellbeing, managing and lowering health care costs and building increased value and valuation.


Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Results Focused, Time Bound, PURE Results
Objective Driven, Strategic, Comprehensive, Scope Defined, Data Analytics, Observations, Opportunities, Recommendations, Financial Results, PURE Results
Time Staged, Value Creation, Plan Design, Financial, Employee Engagement, Communications, Education, Technology Integration, Compliance, Consensus, Reward, PURE Results
C-Suite, Senior Management, Middle Management, Frontline Management, Team Members, Legal, Performance, Achievement, PURE Results
Plan Performance, Plan Progression Management, Expanded Scope (objectives, analytics, observations, opportunities, recommendations), PURE Results
Client Partner, Wilson Partners, Employee Surveys & Focus Groups, Objective Achievement, PURE Results

A Comprehensive Solution Set

WP understands the requirements of successful service, the brokenness of the market and the debilitating effects of our health care system rooted in its institutional nature and its sustainable self-interest. The answer to improved health, health care, value and cost management lies within each and every one of our client partners. It is our job to fully power each client partner’s success through service. We refer to this pure consulting service as PURE WP. Our work is grounded in the six services of success (Objectives, Assessment, Progression, Consensus, Analysis and Improvement), understanding fully that “you”, the client partner hold the three keys to your success. These keys to success are: 1) the real understanding that you are the answer, 2) the decision to retain WP to serve you and 3) your desire to successfully manage change over time.

Wilson Partners pure consulting practice takes a fully comprehensive approach to the management of improved employee health and wellbeing. Fully focused on the health and health care of the whole person, it requires an integrated vision of health and health care management to include: culture, environment, comprehension, responsibility, relationship, engagement and reward. At WP, our solution is fully inclusive of health improvement, clinical and behavioral health care management as one continuous management process, invested in the whole person. The professionals at WP possess the servant heart dedication and unique skill sets required to deliver on this pure consulting approach for our valued client partners.

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