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A Comprehensive Solution Set

Wilson Partners (WP) is a benefits and wellness consulting practice that takes a fully comprehensive approach to the management of improved employee health and wellbeing. WP has a history of over 35 years of employee benefit and employee health and wellbeing market experience, working with Fortune 500 employers, health systems, communities, and states. Our history of providing and creating innovative solutions in the marketplace provides a unique value to our client partners and their employees. Our experience in benefits plan management, health & wellbeing strategy, plan design, cost containment strategies, and technology application distinguish us in the marketplace. This is our WPAdvantage.

Our Process

Define Scope, Set Goals, Establish Timeline, Address Challenges, Define Success, Build Consensus
Organizational Culture, Financial Performance, Health State, Employee Satisfaction, Client Satisfaction
Identify Areas of Opportunity, Establish Key Metrics, Collaborative Strategic Engagement, Innovative Client-Specific Solutions
Devoted Support Team, Implementation Management, Ongoing Vendor Management, Set and Manage Service Level Agreements, Establish Benefits Integration
Design Management, Technology Application, Employee Engagement, Culture Integration, Leadership
Objective Achievement, Identify Additional Opportunities, Long-term Comparatives, Value-add Measurements


A Holistic and Connected Approach

In contradiction to the siloed care strategy in the market today, at WP, our vision takes a holistic and connected approach to an individual’s overall health and wellbeing. WP believes that an individual cannot simply be defined by their cost. Many additional factors need to be considered to truly understand an individual’s current health state, and how to successfully improve it. This includes characteristics often overlooked in the marketplace, such as: behavioral health, financial health, presenteeism and absenteeism rates, social determinants of health, and an individual’s personality traits. Each of these factors are a key component of the continuous health management process, invested in the whole person and their improved health and wellbeing.

Benefits Consulting, Management & Strategy Services


Employee health care is the largest expense line item related to benefits for nearly all employers. Effectively managing this effort requires the time and passion of senior management, the ownership team and front-line managers; it is central to the definition of business culture. With constant, critical analysis of the past, present and future state of the medical benefits and health care plan, financial success and improved employee health and wellbeing can be achieved. 


Our process takes a fully comprehensive approach to identifying the unique behavioral health needs of your organization and provides you with the solutions needed to effectively address those needs while advancing the objectives of your organization. The current epidemic in behavioral health conditions requires that employers provide their employees with the critical mental healthcare resources needed to achieve mental wellbeing. Employers with a well-developed behavioral health strategy will be in the best position to meet the needs of their employees.


As the cost of prescription drugs has continued to skyrocket, the percentage of total claims spend related to prescription drugs has increased significantly. Prescription drugs benefits, and the PBMs that administer these benefits, are increasingly at the forefront of health and wellbeing program discussions. That is why a well-defined prescription drug strategy is vital to containing and maintaining claims cost and improving employee health and wellbeing.


An effective wellness program takes time, regular evaluation, and active engagement from stakeholders in all levels of the organization. Wilson Partners takes a comprehensive approach to the management of improved employee health and wellbeing, focused on the health and health care of the whole person. This approach requires an integrative understanding and vision of health and health care management to include: culture, environment, comprehension, responsibility, relationship, engagement and reward that invests actively in the whole person.

Primary Care

In today’s environment, the physician (in substance) works for the insurance company. He or she does not work for the patient. Wilson Partners directly addresses this failure in the marketplace, understanding the critical importance of the patient (employee) and physician relationship as a central requirement of a successful health care strategy focused on achieving improved employee health and wellbeing. For this reason, Wilson Partners is here to serve our clients through innovative on-site and near-site direct primary care clinics and other direct contracting strategies. 

Life & Disability

The life and disability insurance market has historically been siloed from other benefits. However, in order to better manage costs and absenteeism and presenteeism rates, analyses and strategic initiatives that span across all silos of the health care spectrum are necessary. Wilson Partners experience in integrating life and disability programs (and related analyses) across all lines of the healthcare spectrum distinguishes us in the marketplace. 

Dental & Vision

Dental and vision benefit programs continue to be a stable and important employer benefit plan offering. Today, there are more options than ever to explore in the marketplace. This requires a thorough review of all dental and vision offerings to ensure all plans designs are in line with advancement in dental and vision treatments. Employers with a modernized dental and vision benefits strategy will be in the best position to meet the growing needs of their employees. 


The opportunity for change and improvement is significant and demands active state leadership to successfully expand market-based and market-wide access to affordable health care and insurance coverage. To achieve success, deep market, economic and analytical experience, creative market-focused innovation, an integrative market comprehension and a skilled execution management process is required. Wilson Partners has proven it’s successful delivery in this regard.

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