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Wilson Partners (WP) is a benefits and wellness consulting practice that takes a fully comprehensive approach to the management of improved employee health and wellbeing. WP has a history of over 35 years of employee benefit and employee health and wellbeing market experience, working with Fortune 500 employers, health systems, communities, and states. Our history of providing and creating innovative solutions in the marketplace provides a unique value to our client partners and their employees. Our experience in benefits plan management, health & wellbeing strategy, plan design, cost containment strategies, and technology application distinguish us in the marketplace. This is our WPAdvantage.

In contradiction to the siloed care strategy in the market today, at WP, our vision takes a holistic and connected approach to an individual’s overall health and wellbeing. WP believes that an individual cannot simply be defined by their cost. Many additional factors need to be considered to truly understand an individual’s current health state, and how to successfully improve it. This includes characteristics often overlooked in the marketplace, such as: behavioral health, financial health, presenteeism and absenteeism rates, social determinants of health, and an individual’s personality traits. Each of these factors are a key component of the continuous health management process, invested in the whole person and their improved health and wellbeing.

The WP team is focused on the distinct needs and objectives of our client partners and their employees. WP works to serve each and every client based on the successful delivery of the requirements of service: Objective, Assessment, Intelligence, Service, Progression and Measurement. At WP, our team is successful because we are dedicated to advancing your objectives. Meeting your objectives is how we measure our success. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you as a client partner.

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