Dental & Vision Strategic Services

At Wilson Partners we understand the appropriate utilization of dental and vision benefits to be central to the greater health and wellbeing of the whole person. Effective dental and vision benefit programming and plan management is an essential component of any health and wellbeing program. As the number of dental and vision products offered in the marketplace continues to expand, it is critical that employers have effective dental and vision insurance consulting services. By doing so, you can ensure your plans remain up to date with the continued advancements in dental and vision treatments.   

dental and vision consulting

Our dental insurance consulting and vision insurance consulting services include:

  • Analysis of dental and vision plan contracts to ensure your plan design meets and/or exceeds industry standards.
  • Review plans to ensure the latest approved technologies and plan design opportunities are incorporated into your plan offerings in an intelligent, staged progression.
  • Evaluation of dental and vision networks to ensure your employee population is receiving the highest level of discounts and access to local dentists and eye doctors.
  • Identification of the advantages and disadvantages of self-funded dental and vision plans.
  • For self-funded plans, conducting claims analyses to identify high-cost and high-utilization services, and identify potential co-occuring medical, prescription drug or vision conditions.
  • Evaluation, implementation, and on-going support for dental and vision benefit vendor services in accordance with negotiated Service Level Agreements.
  • Implementation of virtual visit services in accordance with market demand.