Federal & State Policy Innovation Services

At Wilson Partners we understand the critical requirements and importance of success in developing and implementing strategies to expand access and improve the health and wellbeing of all residents. We possess the deep market, economic, analytical, policy, creative innovation and integrative market skill sets required to define the success of your strategy. 

federal and state policy packet

Our federal & state policy strategy services include:

  • Conduct a series of objective-setting meetings with the identified stakeholders.
  • Analysis of the current state of the existing market in order to define the baseline for innovation impact.
  • Define comprehensive set of market-based and market-wide innovations. These adoption opportunities are inclusive of, but not limited to:
    • Risk-mitigation strategies
    • HRA expansion
    • Association Health Plan expansion
    • Short-term limited duration insurance plan expansion
    • Promotion of direct primary care programs
    • Health care demand management strategies
    • Patient-physician engagement management initiatives
    • Advancement of interoperability technologies, inclusive of the identification of the social determinant of health
    • Patient wellness engagement management
    • Identify required changes in the state’s certificate of need
    • Market-wide competition requirements
  • Economic and actuarial impact analysis for all pursued innovations. Inclusive of the measurement of increased market-wide access to “high-value and affordable health coverage regardless of income, geography, age, gender or health status”. Within this process, the impact of expanded employer and individual market-based insurance coverage on government funding and budgets will be detailed.
  • Assist the state in completion of any applicable waiver application (e.g., Section 1332 waivers) for submission and approval
  • Provide technical assistance and testimony to and for the state leadership to assist in appropriate consultation required for legislative action(s).
  • Participate with key-identified state think tanks and state thought leaders throughout the process.
  • Identify the market implementation requirements for state leadership and provide future assistance as desired to ensure market implementation success.