Wellness Strategy Services

At Wilson Partners we understand the health and wellbeing of your employees to be essential to your health care management program and to the sustainable success of your business. Without a healthy, present and engaged workforce no business can operate at its optimal level. By developing an effective and engaging wellness program strategy through our proven wellness consulting process, you can improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce and empower them to take greater responsibility for their health and wellbeing. 

wellness consultant exercising using headphones

Our wellness consulting services include:

  • Design of a 4-5-year employee health care and wellness management roadmap with clearly defined decision points, financial impact, recommendations and considerations for next steps. This roadmap is created utilizing Wilson Partner’s proven wellness consulting process:
    • Objective
    • Assessment
    • Intelligence
    • Service
    • Progression
    • Measurement
  • Analysis of wellness program results in relation to medical, prescription drug, behavioral health and disability claims, and provide benchmarks to compare against like employers.
  • Evaluation, implementation, and on-going support of domestic and global wellness services with the objective of enhancing and personalizing the user experience, thereby increasing member engagement in the wellness program.
  • Evaluation, implementation, and on-going support of a performance-based pricing model that incentives the wellness program vendor to design and deliver a program that leads to a long-term reduction in claims spend.
  • Evaluation and implementation of reward strategies that maximize employee participation in the wellness program and aligns with the employer benefit offerings.
  • Evaluation, implementation, and on-going support for a comprehensive communications strategy which effectively incorporates the overall company mission statement and messaging from key leaders within the company.
  • Identification of the advantages and disadvantages of a standalone wellness program and a carrier-offered program.