Prescription Drug Strategic Services

At Wilson Partners we understand the appropriate design and utilization of a prescription drug program to be central to the greater health and wellbeing of the employee. Effective prescription drug programming and plan management is an essential component of any health and wellbeing program. During this period of unprecedented growth in cost, effective Rx benefits consulting has never been more important.

Rx consulting

Our Rx benefits consulting services include:

  • Analysis of plan design and pharmacy claims (including specialty drugs), co-occurring medical claims, and health assessment responses, to identify potential design improvements, increased medication adherence opportunities, and reduced claims cost.
  • Evaluate and integrate cash price prescription drug service providers with current Rx benefits (e.g., GoodRx).
  • Identify opportunities to further manage specialty drug costs and alternative delivery methods.
  • Evaluate the efficacy of the formulary (including identification of areas of waste) and recommend and implement changes as necessary.
  • Identification of the advantages and disadvantages of a carve-in vs. a carve-out prescription drug plan.
  • Identify the appropriate pricing and rebate structure to ensure optimal transparency, cash flow, and cost savings.
  • Structure discount arrangements to ensure clients are receiving the maximum amount of savings possible.
  • Evaluation, implementation, and on-going support of PBM services in accordance with negotiated Service Level Agreements.
  • Implementation of a value-based prescription drug copay structure so those with commonly diagnosed chronic conditions are able to obtain prescriptions at a lower (or zero dollar) cost.