Compliance and Learning Portal

Wilson Partners (WP) is committed to providing its client partners with access to up-to-date information on industry and compliance trends. In addition, WP provides all clients access to our Learning Management System powered by Zywave. This provides the necessary members of your team with training courses on relevant topics related not only to benefits and wellness, but additional HR topics such as sexual harassment prevention and diversity in the workplace. See below for a summary of the content and tools provided to you through the WP Compliance and Learning Portal.

  • Searchable Content and Resources Libraries – The WP Compliance and Learning Portal contain articles, forums, guidelines, videos, state-specific content, employee education and much more.
  • Apps – Both HR and Compliance apps are available to supplement HR offices as well as ensure compliance with the many HR and Benefits-related regulations that exist today. This includes the Health Plan Compliance Calendar, the Compliance Notice Builder and more.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) – Over 200 online training courses are available on the portal for employees and managers. Topics include workplace safety, sexual harassment prevention, diversity in the workplace and much more.
  • Handbooks – The employee handbook builder allows you to build a customizable handbook, inclusive of Federal and State specific content. Reviews and updates to content are easy and done right from within the portal.
  • HR Hotline – Direct Access to a team of HR Professionals, ready to answer questions. Questions can be submitted via phone or direct message through the portal. Questions can be submitted on topics such as benefits, leaves of absence, federal or state compliance, discipline and termination, and more.


WP understands the significant burden placed on both HR and employees when it comes to resolving medical billing and claims dispute issues, assisting employees with understanding their benefits, and navigating questions during open enrollment. That is why WP is dedicated to providing all clients with an easy-to-use solution to this difficult problem. The WP CARES team provides you and your employees with a true advocate as they navigate the health care system. The WP CARES team will handle questions and issues related to:

  • Questions on their benefits program and how the benefit plans work (e.g., what is a deductible, have I met my out-of-pocket maximum, etc.).
  • Enhanced medical billing and claims-related assistance, review and resolution. Inclusive of communicating with the carrier and/or provider to review and resolve a claim denial, reviewing prior authorization concerns, determining if cost sharing as applied correctly and any additional medical billing or claims-related questions that you or your employees may have.
  • Assistance with locating an in-network doctor for various services and, if applicable, direction on how to review the cost and quality of various locations and providers.
  • A resource for employees and their dependents to utilize during open enrollment when determining which plans to enroll in, and understanding the benefits of each of the coverages that are being offered.

In addition to the internal WP CARES team members, Wilson Partners has partnered with an organization by the name of Bill Dog to help address and resolve any medical billing issues that employees or their dependents may experience; be it a $37.50 charge for an X-Ray or a $29,000 hospital bill. Bill Dog represents and advocates for the employee, and starts researching the medical bill immediately. Their team of medical admin specialists will verify bill accuracy and explain the situation in a way that employees can easily understand. They work with the providers, TPAs or insurance company (payors), and the HRA/HSA provider (if applicable) to correct errors, analyze payments, reprocess claims, initiate refunds, and negotiate bill reductions.

WP is dedicated to providing your employees with a true advocate when it comes to their health care needs. With the implementation of our WP CARES team and our partnership with Bill Dog, we hope to provide employees with not only better claims resolution outcomes, but also the comfort in knowing they have an advocate that is truly dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for them.

Data Analytics

WP is committed to providing our client with meaningful insights into their health plan financials and the current health and risk profile of their employee population. The WP data analytics platform powered by Deerwalk/Cedar Gate provides the opportunity for our clients to break down the silos of the health care system and evaluate the total cost of health care. This is done by evaluating claims data not only from the medical and Rx plan but also the dental, disability, EAP and wellness program components.

Additionally, in accordance with management objectives, the WP data analytics platforms allows us to evaluate and understand the ROI of specific client initiatives, such as wellness programs, EAPs, disease management programs, and more. WP is dedicated to ensuring clients feel confident in the programs they have invested in, and we use our data analytic capabilities to show the efficacy of our client’s programs, or when applicable, identify the areas for opportunity or improvement.

The WP data analytics platform allows WP to intelligently display key metrics and provide industry-leading data enrichment capabilities. This is inclusive of:

  • Predictive Risk Scores & Profiles
  • Social Determinants of Health Scores
  • Chronic Condition Identification
  • Identifying Gaps in Care
  • Utilization Metrics
  • Provider Quality Scores
  • Avoidable Visit Identification
  • Benchmarking

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